Elder Law

Long term care and Medicaid can be difficult and confusing.  An Elder Law Attorney can help by:

-          Finding options to protect the Community Spouse through:

                  + preservation of assets;

                  + transitioning countable assets into excluded assets; and

                  + petitioning for a higher level of income, assets, or both.

-          Providing a summary of costs and a best approach for paying for long term care.

-          Assisting with the Medicaid Application.

-          Providing guidance regarding transfers and penalties.

-          Providing connections to other service providers.

-          Helping families through a difficult and confusing time.

Meredith Williamson has worked with seniors for over ten years as they navigate long term care.  She understands the drawbacks of Medicaid for both the person and the community they live in.  She has a passion for helping the community spouse (the person not in care) through this difficult time of their life.  It can be scary and having someone in your corner can keep the stress lower.  It can also be the difference from saving more funds to spending more on care.  There is not a single route for each person but there are options that you should be aware of before the process begins. 


The earlier you come in the more options you may have.  Meredith offers a consultation and road map for a flat fee.  Call today to schedule your appointment at (503) 445-2232

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