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Kind Words and Client Testimonials

"Hello Meredith, Thank you again for your kindness and professional care. Your extra efforts on our behalf have  been appreciated!"  (RH - Estate Planning)                                                  

"Meredith made me comfortable...I feel so fortunate to have been introduced at a time in my life where the road was steep."  (LB - Estate Planning)                                                                     

"This POA is a huge improvement over the last one, with understandable language and additional details that make it 100% more useful.  This is another endorsement for your amazing service level and professionalism."  (GJ - Estate Planning)                                                                      

"Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you've put into this process....you've been amazingly patient and kind throughout this whole process.  You are fantastic and I cant thank you enough."  (IM - Adoption)

"Meredith is a pleasure to work with. She has helped with small business decisions, set up leases and contracts for me and reviewed my trust and will that had been drawn up by another attorney years ago. I highly recommend her services."  (LP - Estate Planning and Business)

"I am guardian, conservator and wife of my loved one who has a mental illness. It was a breath of fresh air to meet with her as she listened and clearly offered me options to support my loved one and support me - now and in the future. And, due to the previous attorney not filing a report correctly, I was called into court and Meredith was able to go to court for me, reschedule the court date and arrange to allow me to be on the phone. This is a huge benefit for me as I travel for work to support my loved ones care needs and this saved me $2500.00. She is the first attorney who I feel has their head and heart connected that I can totally trust to guide me in a way that works for me and my loved one. Thank you Meredith, very much. (RK - Elder Law - from AVVO website)

"Meredith helped me to set up my business back in 2015. She walked me through the processes and put together all the necessary paperwork. I also refer some of my clients to her. She is helpful and reasonable in her fees. I highly recommend her services." (JO - Business - from AVVO website).